Getting started with Pathfinder Institute courses is a simple process that involves just three easy steps:

We currently offer module-based programs in Fundraising and Communication, so you’ll want to choose the most relevant topic for your parish team and community. Enrolling online is simple and there are no complicated forms or applications to fill out: simple select your course and create a login (email and password) to access the material. Course tuition is only paid once – then you own the material for life!

Pathfinder courses are designed to be self-paced, which means you can put aside just a few minutes a day or take them all at once – simply log in and resume or retake a module. Each course totals between 4 and 6 hours start to finish (not including excersises and discussions) and is designed to be an individual, self-study learning program or viewed and facilitated in a group (with a parish staff or council, for example.) All you need is a internet connected device – computer or tablet – and you’re ready to start learning from anywhere.

We believe that knowledge, creative ideas, and new energy is powerful, and we believe in the important mission of your parish. The foundational components of each course are designed to help strengthen your ministry: the only steps left is to put them into practice! This isn’t always going to be easy, but we are commited to supporting you through our engaging online community forums and frequent articles with case studies and ideas.

Our Online Courses


We designed this course to be a solution for parishes of every ability: from just those getting started to the masters of communication. Through creative and informative lessons we’ll cover everything from bulletins to social media and how each can increase engagement and positively impact your community.


We aren’t all born leaders, but many of us are asked to lead groups and projects on our parish team. Our Leadership module will help you embrace your God-given talents and give you a solid foundation for recognizing the strengths of others as you lead. This module is great for pastors, administrators, and anyone else who is charged with leading!


Let’s face it: raising money can be difficult. We’ll cover the the foundation of establishing a case for support, making the “ask”,  donor events, online giving,  annual appeals, and transparency to increase donor buy in. The fundraising module will change the way your parish or ministry looks at raising support.


Stewardship does not equal fundraising, and our module is designed to help your entire parish team understand the transformative power of Biblical Stewardship in your parish. For establishing an annual commitment appeal to designing materials for every family to take home, we’ll guide your parish through the process of becoming and engaged community.