The mission of the Pathfinder Institute is to empower parishes, schools, Dioceses, and Catholic organizations with transformative strategies to engage the faithful and inspire change. Through innovative and informative online education, the Pathfinder Institute is committed to providing a strong foundation in communication, fundraising, leadership, and stewardship to support the greater mission of the Church: an encounter with Christ.

Why Online Education?

We believe that online education is a compelling blend of learning engagement and flexibility, perfect for active parish leaders and professionals seeking to expand and refine their skillsets. Online training allows for individual or group learning, and participants can log in and learn from any internet connected device: phone, tablet, or computer. This format, coupled with intuitive modules that incorporate video, text, and activities drastically increase retention, and ultimately, understanding. Online education is also affordable and scalable according to the needs of the organization.

Who is the Pathfinder Institute made for?

Each course is crafted for a different group of professionals in mind; however, each program can be understood and implemented by a wide range of leaders. For example, our Communication course is strategically structured to build on concepts and propose new ideas that can be applied by many different people: from pastors at mass on Sunday to Directors of Religious Education getting the word out about a retreat. Our most common students are:

  • Development Directors
  • Pastoral Associates
  • Youth Ministers
  • Directors of Religious Education
  • School Principals
  • Pastors

How Does Pathfinder work?

Students who enroll in Pathfinder Institute courses create a unique login and pay a one-time fee for access to the materials for life – no monthly fees or yearly tuition. There are no additional materials required to participate. For more information about the process of enrolling in our courses, please click here.